Atlantic Aviation, Inc. (AAI) – This Company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Quasar Aerospace Industries, Inc. (QAI) which operates a flight school at Herlong Airport in Jacksonville, Florida, and plans to develop and operate flight schools nationwide and train aviation professionals around the country.  AAI personnel are highly qualified and experienced and stand by its training program.  AAI currently holds a 95% graduation rate and offers a “check ride guarantee” for its aviation students.

In 2010, Atlantic Aviation, Inc. (AAI) introduced and made available the following new products and services:

  • Business Travel Training Program, allows you to grow your business while you learn to fly. The program is easy, convenient and cost effective.  You set the schedule, you select the destinations, you determine the trip length: 1 day, overnight, extended stay.
  • High Flying Birthday Celebration, the 3 hour event that includes:  Barbeque, aircraft flight, plane exploration, photo certificate, aircraft cake, flight simulator event and an aviation themed party bag.
  • Air Safari, enjoy exciting overnight get-away packages while you learn to fly; Key West, Charleston riverfront, Biloxi casinos, Ashville Mountains.  You will be flying with one of our FAA Certified Flight Instructors.  The tours depart from our facility at Herlong airport and arrive at the destination around 17:00. The tours arrive back in Jacksonville the flowing day around 16:00.

Atlantic Aviation, Inc. (AAI) operates a flight school at Herlong Airport in Jacksonville, FL.  The program runs for approximately 6 months and each student pays $66,000 for the full program.  Once the initial school is operational, the goal is to market this “School Concept” as a turn-key franchise opportunity to aviation professionals around the country.  AAI has signed a letter of intent with a group from India to train foreign flight students and has submitted an application to the U.S. Secretary of State for approval for this operation. When the program begins, the company will add five students per month until they are fully operational with 35 students in training at all times at varying stages of training and a full capacity.  At full capacity the one school could generate approximately four million dollars in revenue with margins ranging from 38-45%.  In September 2009, AAI completed the installation of a state of the art flight simulator.  This major addition will greatly enhance the flight training operations and facilitate the expansion of the Company’s flight training business.  In addition, AAI acquired two twin engine trainers to add to the flight school training aircraft.

Atlantic Aviation, Inc. (AAI) is subject to the rules of the Federal Aviation Administration.  The flight school must operate under the rules and guidelines set by the FAA to maintain its qualification

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A-Cent Avaition, Inc. (ACA) – This Company operates an FAA Part 141 flight school at Colorado Spring Municipal Airport in Colorado Springs, CO and a satellite location is opening in Jacksonville, FL.  ACA is a wholly owned subsidiary of QAI.

  • ACA also operates a Computer Assisted Test Center (CATS) which provides testing for flight students and other vocational trades.
  • ACA is also a Certified Cessna Pilot Center (CPC).  This CPC designation is highly sought after and recognizes ACA as a leader in flight training in the nation.
  • ACA is partnered with Mountain State University to provide aviation education and training to students. The aviation students qualify for student loans to apply to their training and will be working toward earning an associate degree in aviation.
  • ACA is VA qualified and provides aviation training to qualified VA recipients.  We are proud to be able to service our Veterans and active duty military.

More details regard ACA growth and services will be announced. For more information, click here to see A-CENT AVIATION, INC. WEBSITE *This site is currently in the process of being updated.

Quasar Aircraft Corporation (QAC) – This Company will develop the new products and oversee the development of future programs.  QAC is developing a four place trainer aircraft and will be the developer of the Quasar I.  This signature aircraft will be a twin engine, six place very light jet.


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