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With all the concerns about the cost of going to college, the crushing debt of student loans and lack of employment opportunities it is worth considering a career in aviation.  At A-cent a student can go from start to commercial pilot rating in six months (approximately) and under $60,000.  Compare this to the cost of four years of college with a high probability of no job.

Quasar’s Subsidiary Gets A Special Nod

Nafinet1 Quasars Subsidiary Gets A Special NodIn the March 2012 edition of “Mentor,” a publication produced by the National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI), our subsidiary Atlantic Aviation received a special nod. A recent graduate tells her story and discusses how she found us and how we helped prepare her for success in the aviation industry.

testi Quasars Subsidiary Gets A Special NodYou can download the PDF copy of the article here: Atlantic Aviation Testimonial from Mentor

You can visit the NAFI website here: LINK

Right Place At The Right Time

It is articles like the one below that make me think Quasar is in the right place at the right time. – Joseph



Pilot Shortage Means Big Business for Flight Academies Aviation International News » April 2012

by Matt Thurber April 1, 2012, 4:10 AM

Profound change is coming to the flight-training industry, prompted by new legislation in the U.S. and by the rapid growth of airline and business aviation in countries where aviation is finally gaining a stronger foothold. The changes are underscored by what many predict will be a shortage of pilots, thanks to fewer new pilot entrants, large numbers of retirements and lack of general aviation infrastructure in emerging countries such as India and China. Advertisement

“The signs of a global pilot shortage are mounting as airlines expand their fleets and flight schedules to meet surging demand in emerging markets,” Boeing wrote in its long-term market outlook. “Asian airlines in particular are experiencing delays and operational interruptions due to pilot scheduling constraints.” According to Boeing, during the next 20 years, Asia-Pacific demand will reach 183,200 pilots, with China accounting for 72,700. “Europe will need 92,500 pilots; North America, 82,800; Latin America, 41,200; the Middle East, 36,600; Africa 14,300; and the CIS 9,900.”

The question now is where will all these new pilots be trained?

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