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Executive Profile

Executive Profile Quasar Aerospace Industries, Inc. is a Colorado corporation, publicly traded on the OTC (Ticker QASP). Quasar will operate as the holding company for all current and future business units created or acquired. Quasar will provide significant assistance to its subsidiaries by assisting them by offering “One Stop Shopping” resources to meet and satisfy acquisition and financing needs. Quasar Aerospace Industries, Inc., formerly Equus Resources, Inc. was formed in 2004. On March 18, 2009, Equus Resources, Inc. merged with Quasar Aerospace Industries, Inc. (Delaware) which formed Quasar Aerospace Industries, Inc. (Colorado).


Donnell J. Vigil       CEO/President & Corporate Secretary

Liann Francisco     COO


Donnell J. Vigil

Liann Francisco



Donnell J. Vigil graduated from Metropolitan State University in Denver, Colorado with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice/Criminology and attended graduate school at Friends University in Wichita, Kansas in its Organization Development masters program. Mrs. Vigil has worked in the aviation field for over six (6) years and in the corporate arena for nearly eighteen (18) years. Mrs. Vigil currently presides as CEO, President, Corporate Secretary and Chairman of the Board for Quasar. She has served as an officer and director for two (2) other publicly traded corporations, seven (7) profit corporations and one (1) non-profit organization. Vigil has directly handled all SEC, OTC, DTCC, FINRA and Secretary of State filings for numerous publicly traded corporations. She was directly involved and responsible for entering into international and domestic contracts, raising capital, negotiating acquisitions, mergers, investor relations, compliance, executing business plans and closing long term agreements. Vigil utilizes her behavioral science knowledge to the planned development and reinforcement of organizational strategies, structures and processes for improving an organization’s effectiveness. Mrs. Vigil’s work history includes Coors Brewing Company, Southwestern Bell Telephone Company, Quasar Aerospace Industries, Inc., Apex Engineering International, LLC and the Disabled American Veterans. She has owned and operated two (2) of her own businesses one (1) in retail and the other in the legal service industry. Mrs. Vigil has extensive corporate and legal knowledge. She managed numerous law firms as well as functioning as a paralegal for ten (10) years. Her legal knowledge includes, but is not limited to, corporate, contract, civil, employment, domestic, estate, and bankruptcy law. She worked for a U.S. Bankruptcy Trustee, a city attorney, litigation firm, and a domestic mediator.
In addition, Vigil has received the following honors and recognition: Budding Barristers Award from the Denver Bar Association Fortune 500 Sales Award Recipient with Southwestern Bell Telephone Company She served as a member of the Friends University Advisory Board and as Chairman of its PR/Communications Committee, as well as Chair for Apex’s Safety Board PR/Communications Committee. Mrs. Vigil was a former Hispanic Employee Network member, Delta Phi Omega member, Board representative for the Denver Bar Association, and Treasurer for a Kansas Board of Education campaign. She is also a lifetime Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary member. Vigil is a native of Denver, Colorado therefore she knows the location and culture for conducting business in Colorado.


Liann Francisco has been nationally and internationally known in the field of electronic security, aviation and business management for over 27 years. Her expertise in developing and integrating technologies and deploying specialty projects has been used in developing industry standards. Ms. Francisco possesses extensive technical knowledge and has been frequently called by government agencies, customers and industrial consultants for advice on integrating electronic security and specialty systems. Her diverse customer base includes the government of Puerto Rico, the Department of Defense, Federal Bureau of Prisons, Federal Aviation Administration, multiple branches of military, numerous airports, critical infrastructure, water treatment, telecommunications, nuclear and conventional power generation, correctional facilities, and state and local government agencies. Ms. Francisco was co-owner and CEO of Unlimited Technology which became one of the top 50 security companies with offices and affiliate worldwide. Additionally, she was co-founder and President of Titan Security Group which was an innovator in the security software industry. Ms. Francisco was not only responsible for the business facet but also for the engineering, design, coordination and implementation of the companies’ electronic security deployments. Because of her extensive knowledge of electronic systems application and security systems design she was personally requested to join an assessment team of experts surveying Russian protection of nuclear facilities in 2007. Ms. Francisco’s ability to draw from a vast pool of technology resources enables her to develop custom, innovative solutions to satisfy complex customer needs and technical needs. Ms. Francisco’s educational background consists of business, Engineering and aviation.


The company leases offices, hangar space and aircraft tie-downs from the Jacksonville Aviation Authority located at Herlong Airport, 9300 Normandy Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32221. Operating out of this location are Atlantic Aviation, Inc., A-Cent Aviation, Inc., Quasar Aircraft Corporation and the headquarters of Quasar Aerospace Industries, Inc. and Green Energy Investments, Inc.  A-Cent Aviation, Inc. operates its headquarters out of Lancaster Airport located at 500 Airport Road, Lititz, PA 17543.

Green Energy Investments, Inc. dba Hydro-Grow Supply, Inc. operates its hydroponic grow store at 644 Peterson Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80915.

Aerospace Industries Inc.