Current Focus



Current Focus


  • The acquisition of Hydro-Grow Supply, Inc. has allowed Quasar to enter the legal and medical marijuana industry as a service provider.
  • Future plans for growth and expansion of the grow store and multiple locations including but not limited to, Florida, Washington State and other locations as medical marijuana becomes legalized throughout the country.
  • The grow store changed its name from Hydro-Grow Supply, Inc. to Grow Your Own Greenz, Inc. “GYOGz”.  This brand name is captureingthe industry.
  • Development of an E-Commerce site for the grow store and our branding merchandise is completed, visit us at This shall maximize our revenues and allow us to become known nationwide.
  • Future plans for cultivation centers for the growth of marijuana by registered and authorized growers are in progress and we are preparing to enter the Concentrate Market through Managed Service Agreements.


  • The FAA Part 141 Flight School provides Quasar the ability to meet the growing demand for trained commercial pilots and the following:
  • Ability to capture revenue from third parties including Veterans Administration and governments sponsored student loans;
  • Recruit flight students from around the world;
  • As a SEVIS approved FAA Part 141 Flight School it permits us to issue M1 and M2 Visas to train foreign students of which some will be sponsored and paid for by a foreign government with the potential to train approximately 12 new students a month at a fee of $65,000 to $70,000 each.
  • Provides sight seeing tours, photo flights and a new and upcoming shall offer Mile High Club flights.
  • The FAA testing center which is licensed through the Computer Assisted Testing Service (CATS) that will allow us to receive additional revenue by administering the aeronautical knowledge test.
  • Comira testing center which certifies us to facilitate professional studies written exams.
  • The FAA Part 61 Flight School has a marketing manager developing new programs and training course and the flight school has undergone a remodeling.
  • Continue our partnership with Cessna as a Cessna Pilot Center which give us access and our students to Cessna’s online flight training curriculum.

To continue the growth and expansion of all our subsidiaries.

Aerospace Industries Inc.