• The acquisition of the FAA Part 141 Flight School will allow Quasar to meet the growing demand for trained commercial pilots and the following:
  • Ability to capture revenue from third parties including Veterans Administration and governments sponsored student loans;
  • Recruit flight students from around the world;
  • Contemplate training of foreign students will be sponsored and paid for by a foreign government with the potential to train approximately 30 new students a month at a fee of $55,000 each.
  • The FAA testing center which is licensed through the Computer Assisted Testing Service (CATS) that will allow us to receive additional revenue by administering the aeronautical knowledge test.
  • Corporate Air Repair is beginning to start classes on aircraft systems and preventative maintenance as prescribed in 14 CFR Part 43 Appendix A.
  • After being held in a holding que for a better part of two years, it will be approximately one year and AAI will have the FAA begin the inspection phase for the Air Agency Certificate.
  • There are a few aviation opportunities that have presented themselves to QAI, one of which involves wholesale aircraft parts; that will bring QAI to a new level.
  • There is a potential airport that can be leased from a county in Florida that would allow QAI to facilitate as an academy for our international students and open the doors for immediate expansion.
  • QAI could potentially become a F.B.O. operator, rent hangars and tie-downs, sell fuel, operate a gun range, and build a moto-sports complex that would include activities from flying to off road vehicles, fishing and camping.
  • To continue the expansion of Atlantic Aviation’s flight training program.

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