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Quasar Aerospace Industries, Inc. (“QAI”) is an integrated aviation/aerospace corporation which has been created to pursue an innovative and highly synergistic business strategy to develop competitive aircraft and train aircraft pilots.   This strategy will be achieved through a process by which several businesses in the aviation/aerospace industry will be combined into an integrated and self-supporting network which will have the ability to operate in a more complex strategic environment and to achieve greater success than would have been possible if they were operating purely alone.  Within this context QAI will not acquire and operate these business units according to the master corporate plan.  Rather, the goal will be for these entities to retain their operational independence and unique corporate cultures.  In this fashion, the resources, talents, insight, experience, and market potential of each will be supported and enhanced in a cooperative process which will lead to increased productivity, efficiency, and scalable economies resulting in increased profitability and market relevance.

The key to Quasar Aerospace Industries, Inc.’s strategic vision is centered on two core principles: (1) a phased approach to the development of individual acquisitions and opportunities which will insure early profitability and minimize financial risk through time, and (2) the development of an integrated network of companies whose synergies will enhance profitability throughout the company. Acquisition and operation of existing companies, with a proven track record and significant consolidated cash flow, will ensure that QAI will proceed with the development and expansion of the business plan supported by positive consolidated cash flow from day one.

Quasar Aerospace Industries, Inc. owns the following subsidiaries:
Atlantic Aviation, Inc., a Florida corporation (wholly owned)

Quasar Aircraft Corporation, a Nevada corporation (wholly owned)

Corporate Air Repair, LLC, a Florida limited liability company (Quasar Aircraft Corporation owns 1/3)

Atlantic Aviation, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary is in the process of acquiring a FAA Part 141 Flight School.

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